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CANOE is building a community of practice on Slack for like-minded nonprofit operations professionals to learn, share, grow and dream collectively and have a bit of fun. Learn more in our blog post here or Notion page here.

We're calling it ElevateOps, with the ultimate goal of lifting up our field and the unsung heroes who do operations work every day - namely HR, financial management, IT, governance / compliance, and the day-to-day tasks to keep the organization running.

Click below to submit an application to join us, and we'll follow up with you within a few days. 

Ideally, members of ElevateOps are folks who not only want to learn best practices in our field, but who also are eager to build relationships and collective power that challenges the status quo and reinvents traditional approaches to our work. We expect all members of ElevateOps to be committed to dismantling racism and other systems of oppression, consistently evaluating systemic inequities, and looking for new paths of opportunity for all.

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