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Our Story

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At CANOE, we also believe that operations professionals are the unsung heroes of successful nonprofits. They wear dozens of hats, from HR manager to IT expert to pseudo bookkeeper/accountant. Ops gurus often have to become experts in these areas with few learning opportunities and resources.
CANOE aims to fill in these learning gaps, while elevating and rebranding what it means to be a nonprofit operations professional.
We aim to Create A New Operational Excellence (CANOE).  

Our Focus Areas

Affordable, part-time operations support


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Learning community for operations professionals 

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Advocacy and research 

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Our Structure and Values

CANOE is a public benefit corporation established in April 2021 that's working towards achieving 501c3 nonprofit status.

We are an antiracist organization committed to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We understand antiracism to be intersectional and stand with all people subject to abusive systems of power and privilege. We center equity and inclusion in both our internal and external work and are committed to supporting a work environment in which all employees thrive. 

Our values and principles are a work in progress, but we know among them will be empathy, imagination, humility, flexibility, dependability,  responsiveness, continuous improvement, and a goofy sense of fun.

Interested in partnering or learning with us?

CANOE is a women-led collective of operations professionals who fiercely believe that nonprofits must be strong from the inside out in order to make a significant impact on the world.
We partner with nonprofits on building the people-centered processes, infrastructure, and systems necessary to grow and thrive.
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